Floor Stripping, Winston-Salem, NC

Let us revive your flooring to improve its appearance and longevity.

Floor stripping is an integral part of business and industrial cleaning, especially for hard floors like vinyl, linoleum, and tile. The main goal of floor stripping is to get rid of old layers of wax, seals, and dirt that have built up on the floor so that it can be resealed and refinished. This careful process not only makes the floor look better but also helps it last longer and makes it safer to walk on. At Triad Floor Restoration, our team can assist with your floor stripping needs in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area.

Floor Stripping, Winston-Salem, NC

Over time, foot traffic, spills, and other things can make hard-surface floors look dull, scratched, and worn out. It can lose its original shine when dirt and grime build up on the floor. Floor stripping brings back the natural glow and beauty of the floor, making the whole room look cleaner, brighter, and more attractive.

In addition, it’s essential to strip your floors before putting on a new layer of wax or coating. Putting on new wax or oil without properly removing the old one can make the finish uneven and trap dirt and water underneath. Our floor stripping team ensures your floors are ready for new layers, helping you achieve a nice, even finish.

Floors that haven’t been stripped in a long time can build up layers of dirt, grime, and other toxins. This changes how it looks and can be bad for health and safety. Floor stripping eliminates germs and allergens that have been hiding, which results in better indoor air quality. Also, a floor that has just been stripped and cleaned can have a better grip, making it less likely that people will slip and fall.

These are just a few of the reasons why floor stripping is vital. If you have hard floors in your space and are curious about our services in the Winston-Salem area, contact our team today.