How Does Floor Buffing Work?

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Most homeowners pick out specific flooring for the appearance and durability, but even the most durable floors will obtain scratches and blemishes over time. Rather than accepting these blemishes as the new normal for your beautiful floors, you can rely on our floor buffing services to make your floors smooth and look like new again.

How Does Floor Buffing Work?

Here’s how floor buffing works:

  • Soft materials for a shiny look: Floor buffing is similar to sanding down the floor to remove the blemishes, but instead of using rough sandpaper to do the job, we use softer materials like felt or cloth that effectively smooth your floors while also leaving a shiny finish.
  • Specialized equipment and high speeds: You might be wondering how we accomplish removing scratches and blemishes with soft materials. On its own, soft cloth might be good for sweeping or mopping, but we combine it with our specialized equipment, which spins the cloth at high speeds to effectively rub out the blemishes and smooth the surface.
  • Wax: Depending on your flooring, we might also apply wax after floor buffing. Wax helps your floors to really shine with their original gleam while also acting as a protective layer to keep your floors looking pristine longer.

Floor buffing can be beneficial for nearly any type of flooring. By the end of our services, you will notice a reduced appearance of any scratches or blemishes and a smooth and gleaming surface that will leave your overall property looking great as well. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.