What Happens During the Floor Restoration Process?

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Floor restoration is a process that involves rejuvenating and enhancing the appearance and functionality of old, damaged, or worn-out flooring surfaces. At Triad Floor Restoration, we’re here to make your floors look better than they do right now with our effective floor restoration solutions.

What Happens During the Floor Restoration Process?

While our floor restoration procedures vary depending on the type of flooring material being restored, we typically follow a process that includes these steps:

  • Inspection and assessment—We will assess the condition of your flooring. We will also look at any existing finishes on your floors that could affect the floor restoration techniques we use.
  • Preparation—We will prepare the area around your floors to prevent damage to walls, furniture, and other surfaces. At this point, we will clean the flooring thoroughly to remove dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Polishing and sealing—If you have stone floors, we may hone and polish them to bring out their natural shine. We may also apply a sealant or coating to your floors to enhance their durability and help them resist damage.
  • Buffing and waxing—Depending on the finish of your floors and your desired level of sheen, we may then buff and wax your floors. This step not only helps your floors achieve a glossy appearance, but further protects the flooring.
  • Final cleaning—The final step in the floor restoration process is to complete another thorough clean. This step allows us to remove any residue or particles that were left behind during the restoration process.

If you’d like to schedule a floor restoration for your home or business, simply contact our office to get started.