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We’re excited to assist you with all your flooring restoration needs!

The flooring in your home or business is designed to withstand high foot traffic and heavy use, but that doesn’t mean it won’t require occasional cleaning. You can likely handle sweeping, vacuuming, and light mopping on your own, but when you need a deeper, more thorough cleaning, you can turn to our experienced team.

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We offer flooring cleaning and restoration services that are designed to keep your floors in top condition. Whether you have a common flooring type like laminate, tile, or vinyl, or something a little more specialized like rubber, terrazzo, or concrete, we have the skills and equipment to get your flooring looking shiny and new again. We’re also proud to offer services like buffering, sealing, polishing, waxing, and stripping, and you can count on our friendly service and unwavering attention to detail. Contact us today for all of your flooring restoration needs!

At Triad Floor Restoration, we proudly serve customers throughout Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Lexington, and Salisbury, North Carolina.